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Even though all of us yearn to be understood, loved and appreciated, somehow, some way, we get stuck or lost along the path of our life.

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Each member of our staff truly cares about what they do and how they do it. They bring depth, character, confidence and experience to every client.

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We at Clinical Care Consultants (CCC) are honored that you are considering to seek our help with your challenges, obstacles and/or problems.

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We believe every client is capable and deserving of being satisfied, fulfilled and happy. Through a journey of self-discovery, growth and skill development, we help our clients reach their potential, break free from the bonds of their limitations, regain losses and survive difficult times at our Arlington Heights counseling center.


Seeking an Oasis of Freedom and Hope?

We Can Help

If hope and happiness always seem a tomorrow away,
If too many days end in sadness and a lack of fulfillment,
If your heart and your mind speak different languages,
If love of self and others seems to be beyond your grasp,
If you live in a desert of sadness and loneliness,
but seek an oasis of freedom and hope, we can help.

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Does Mental Health Sometimes Seem Oxymoronic? by Tim Olsen – Clinical Care Consultants Arlington Heights and Inverness, Illinois

Does Mental Health Sometimes Seem Oxymoronic?


Tim Olsen, MA, LPC

Does mental health sometimes seem oxymoronic?

Think about it, who doesn’t have mental health days?  Don’t we all have anxious thoughts, depressed feelings, confused direction… like, all the time?  The answer, far from moronic, is nobody, everybody, and “duh!”  Is it possible to achieve a healthy mind?  That would be awfully nice.

Are we not people who live in clearly confusing times?  We are called to be the best employee, the best parent, the best spouse/partner, the best student, child, friend… simultaneously.  Right.  Don’t these “bests” play against each other?  Sounds a bit like military intelligence.

Just act natural.  Isn’t that the answer?  Let’s put on our masks – you know the ones, they match our many hats.  Now, let’s go out to the world in which we live and be amazing at everything we do, all the time.  That is a recipe for anything but natural behavior or sanity.

I have one body.  I have one mind.  I have one spirit.  Being as close to healthy in each of these areas can keep me seriously happy.  It’s true.  For the most part, the more I pay attention to my physical being, the less I suffer physically: intentional exercise, diet, and doctor visits keep me active and functioning within my responsibilities and recreation.  The more I pay attention to my spiritual being, the more peace I have: prayer/meditation and connection with eternity through faith and nature keeps my perspective more rounded and grounded.  And, the more I pay attention to my mental being, the more clearly I can see my direction, my needs, and of what I are capable.

Some people might say that it is nearly impossible to have mental health.  As a therapist, I disagree.  I believe my work applies to one of the most important and powerful areas pertaining to human existence, the possibility of peace of mind.  But that is just my unbiased opinion.