A Conspiring Universe

I am constantly amazed at the seemingly unexplainable events that occur with my clients during our work. The old me, would have discounted the unexplainable events as mere coincidence. The blossoming metaphysical side of Ross is starting to understands how the universe works. Now I know that seemingly random events are often messages from the “universe.” I live by the words of Paul Coelho, as written his book the Alchemist: “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. (p23)”

My last two clients on Friday spoke specifically in incredible detail about a personal issue I am having with my life. For purposes of confidentiality on both sides (clients and family) I have to leave it as a generalization. But the messages were perfect. My goal as a therapist continues to be: develop my intuition, and to continue to interpret certain “coincidental” events as messages.

Now that I put that out there, I have to draw back to my research and scientific roots of psychology. I swing in all ways: a scientific, a mystical, and an intuitive person.

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