A Real Life Example of a Narcissistic Injury and Narcissistic Rage

Narcissistic Injury.

Recently, the sister of an attendee to my training, “Emotional Manipulators and Codependents: Understanding the Attraction,” contacted my manager at CMI / PESI Continuing Education Seminars. She was enraged about what her partner had learned at my seminar. Apparently, her partner came back from the seminar and confronted her about her Narcissism. As most therapists already know, Narcissists do not like to be confronted about anything, especially the diagnosis of a mental disorder. Following is the recount of the conversation from my manager:

“She called customer service and wouldn’t stop until they transferred her to me. She was literally screaming at me saying we ruined her life because now her sister (who attended your seminar) is saying she has a personality disorder. And how dare we put out a seminar that would diagnosis her when her MD and her psychologist say she DOES NOT have a personality disorder. And where is this Rosenberg guy from? “Oh Illinois, well that explains a lot.” When she kept pushing for where in Illinois, I did tell her from the Chicago vicinity to which she responded “Chicago – HUH –Chicago is a pit. That sure explains it.” She then went on to grill me on what my qualifications are and where I went to school and what my degrees were. To each answer I gave her she had some snide remark such as “well I NEVER heard of that school” or “what kind of dumb major is that?”

I certainly didn’t plan on my seminar to be used this way. It gives me more incentive to write the book!  If it gets this type of reaction from one person, perhaps it might spark a larger national debate/reaction. Hope so…


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