Alone, lonely, or happy?

Closeup of a lonely senior man lost in thought , looking awayIt is better to live by yourself and be alone than to live with someone else and feel lonely.

Feeling alone and being alone are different situations. Feeling alone or lonely is painful. Feeling alone or lonely when with friends or loved ones is a terrible feeling. However being alone, at worse, is just boring.

Loneliness is distinctly connected to our underdeveloped relationship with ourselves. In other words, not loving ourselves and/or having poor self esteem, is the breeding ground for loneliness.

When you love yourself, and feel good in your own “skin,” you don’t need the world around you to make you happy. It is the world inside of you that drives your personal contentment and peace. With love of self, being alone can be relaxing, fun and even inspiring. Say goodbye to loneliness!

Ross Rosenberg, M.Ed., LCPC, CADC


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Ross Rosenberg Relationship Expert

Seeking an Oasis of Freedom and Hope?

I Can Help

“If hope and happiness always seem a tomorrow away,
If too many days end in sadness and a lack of fulfillment,
If your heart and your mind speak different languages,
If love of self and others seems to be beyond your grasp,
If you live in a desert of sadness and loneliness,
but seek an oasis of freedom and hope, I can help.”

Ross Rosenberg

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