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Time for Change and Growth – Clinical Care Consultants, Arlington Heights and Inverness

Time for Change and Growth – Be Resilient! by Greta Nielsen, MA, LCPC, NCC August and September are times of typical transition. Whether you’re wrapping up your summertime fun, the kids are going back to school, or perhaps returning to work yourself, change is inevitable. It’s how we respond to it that can help or hurt […]

Boy Who Was Afraid to Miss School Bus. Facing Anxiety Head-on. Katie Catherine Ness

Article Written by Chicago Tribune’s Heidi Stevens hstevens​                           Heidi Stevens interviewed Clinical Care Consultants’ Catherine (Katie) Ness, M.A., LCPC  Original Article on Chicago Tribune’s Site My friend Kim and I were talking the other day about a little boy she knows who was […]

Dick Levon – Marriage/Couples and Teenager Therapist. Arlington Heights Marriage Counseling Therapy

I am very proud to have Dick Levon on our Clinical Team.  Check out the video!  Dick Levon, ATR, LCSW Psychotherapist Licensed Clinical Social Worker Registered Art Therapist (847) 749-0514 ext.11 Check out Dick’s Websites View Dick’s Profile on Dick Levon is CCC’s most practiced and effective marital therapist, with over 40 […]

WEBCAST Codependency Treatment: Reversing the Human Magnet Syndrome 10/21/13

Ross Rosenberg, Codependency Expert, Author and National Training Seminar Leader will be Giving the Training:  Codependency Treatment: Reversing the Human Magnet Syndrome October 10, 2013 at 10:00 am.  Two Hour Seminar Webcast Registration: Contact PESI/CMI to REGISTER Master codependency treatment techniques and strategies Learn about the many psychotherapeutic therapy/treatment approaches for codependency Integrate psychotherapeutic and 12-Step treatment […]

Chicago Area Therapist Networking Event – Clinical Care Consultants

Chicago Area Therapist Networking Event Let’s Meet Each Other. This is part of a continuing series of networking events that Clinical Care Consultants has hosted over the last two and a half years. They are well attended – approximately 20 to 25 members a meeting. We have received a great deal of positive and affirming […]

The Secret of Effective Psychotherapy

Effective Psychotherapy: I have come to understand that psychotherapy is most effective when therapists understand that their client’s problems, or reasons for which they are seeking professional help, results from longstanding deeper problem that are directly connected to childhood emotional wounds or traumas.  The psychotherapist’s challenge is to trace the presenting problem or the psychological […]

Expanding our Addictions Program – Introducing Brian Lengfelder

Expanding our Addictions Program Introducting Brian Lengfelder, LCPC, CAADC, MISAI, CCJP, MAC, ACRPS Brian Lengfelder has been in the addiction/mental health field for 20 years. He has worked the gamut of alcohol, drug and addiction programs from detoxification to outpatient after-care services. He has been a clinical supervisor, program manager and clinical director of substance abuse […]