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Criticism versus Constructive Feedback: The Art of Empowerment & Affirmation. 12 Tips On How to Provide Supportive & Affirming Constructive Feedback

Criticism versus Constructive Feedback:  The Art of Empowerment & Affirmation 12 Tips On How to Provide Supportive & Affirming Constructive Feedback Ross Rosenberg, M.Ed., LCPC, CADC, CSAT “Angry and derogatory criticism is a statement about the critic and his anger than about you.”   Thanks to a recent piece of feedback, I feel compelled to say: There […]

Tips on Setting Boundaries in Enmeshed Relationships.

Tips on Setting Boundaries in Enmeshed Relationships By MARGARITA TARTAKOVSKY, M.S.   Healthy emotional and physical boundaries are the basis of healthy relationships. Enmeshed relationships, however, are bereft of these boundaries, according to Ross Rosenberg, M.Ed., LCPC, CADC, a national seminar trainer and psychotherapist who specializes in relationships. Whether it’s a relationship between family members, partners or […]

The Mathematically Sound Relationship: Does 1 + 1 = 2?

“If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is.”  ― John von Neumann   Despite my my life-long adversarial relationship with this math, I could have never predicted that I would rely on it to describe both healthy and problematic relationships.  For example, in […]

Ross Rosenberg Discusses Marriage Therapy During a Divorce

Ross Rosenberg Discusses Divorce Ross Rosenberg is interviewed on “Legal Action” a Chicago based cable access show, Legal Action is an educational and informative monthly talk show featuring attorneys David Siegel and Jesse Barrientes. The show highlights and discusses relevant legal topics which affects the lives of many Americans. Ross Rosenberg M.Ed., LCPC, CADC is […]