Clinical Care Consultants Welcomes Its Newest Clinician: Catherine Ness

Catherine Ness, M.A., LCPC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
(847) 749-0514 ext.15


“No one understands what an individual is experiencing better than that individual.” With this in mind, Catherine utilizes client-centered and cognitive behavioral techniques in working with her clients. Catherine has an exceptional ability to connect and empathize with her client’s experiences and struggles, creating a collaborative relationship in which client and therapist journey together to find a resolution.Catherine has dedicated herself to her clients and helping them better define where they are in life and where they would like to go in the future. Recognizing that each person is an individual and has personal strengths and struggles is an integral part of her therapeutic technique. Catherine believes that by focusing on known and perhaps “undiscovered” strengths, everyone has the ability to improve personal happiness and over-come life obstacles.

Catherine began her career working with adult survivors of childhood assault and incest. These individuals not only had to work through past traumas, but deal with the depression, anxiety and self-doubt that accompanied these early memories. Motivated by the strength and courage that she saw in these men and women, Catherine developed a therapeutic technique that allowed her clients to discover “unrecognized strengths” and build the self-esteem needed to be confident in life.

Catherine has also had extensive experience working with individuals struggling with substance abuse both as an inpatient and outpatient counselor. These experiences have led to a thorough understanding and development of effective therapeutic treatment of the physical, psychological and emotional consequences of substance abuse.

Catherine has had great success working with adolescents and adults who have struggled with anxiety, depression, OCD (obcessive compulsive disorder), relationship difficulties, grief and psychosis. Despite the particular difficulty one is experiencing, Catherine believes that everyone has the right and ability to find happiness in life.

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