Compassionate Conversation w/ Kathryn Tull

Compassionate Conversation with Kathryn Tull

June 5, Wednesday at 1pm CDT

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Show Description:Popular Psychotherapist Kathryn Tull brings Compassionate Conversation with Kathryn Tull,  a show designed to bring more compassion to conversations about real life. Your relationships, personal growth, family, career, self esteem and life issues matter!
About Kathyrn:  Kathryn Tull, M.A., MFT is a popular Marriage & Family Therapist in Los Angeles, known for her dynamic work with individuals and couples, specializing in relationship communication and healing from trauma. Published nationally and internationally for both poetry and non-fiction, Kathryn’s powerful book The Next Bold Step: Learning to Love & Value Yourself, and Know That You Matter! is changing lives.Kathryn’s life as a single mother of three children (now “grown, launched and fantastic,”) became a roadmap of discovery of personal strength and courage.  Putting herself through graduate school and professional training in her late forties while raising her family alone created tremendous empathy, understanding and compassion for all issues pertaining to the challenges of contemporary family life. She can share about multiple marriages, blended families, divorce, family suicide, loss of a parent, and more in addition to a host of clinical issues. “Life is an incredible teacher if we are open to see the lessons.”Kathryn’s richness of personal and professional expertise has been utilized on both radio and television for her expertise on relationship communication and recovery from abuse, and she has been involved in the training of hundreds of graduate and undergraduate students, and future Alcohol & Drug Counselors. As a national and international speaker her clients and affiliations range from the American Psychological Association to universities, the United States Army Family Services Program, national and local non-profit agencies, and private businesses.  A member of the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, she is an active member of its world renown Agape International Choir.

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