Definition of an Addiction/Addiction Disorder

Definition of Addiction Disorders - Drug, alcohol, behaviors, process
This definition is pulled directly from the book I am writing, “The Human Magnet Syndrome, the Allure of Dysfunctional Relationships.

An Addictions Disorder is a catchall phrase for the persistent and compulsive dependence on a habit-forming substance or behavior. Addicts are obsessed and preoccupied with the continued use of their addictive substance/behavior. Despite negative consequences, they are compelled to continue the use of the mood altering substances or behaviors to which they are addicted. This is progressive disorder, or as Alcoholics Anonymous refers to it – a disease. Over time, addicts increased the frequency and the amount of the drug in order to achieve the “normal’ euphoric or “high” experience. With increased usage, tolerance for the drug is developed. Tolerance is the process by which the addicts require increasingly larger amounts of the addictive substance/behavior to achieve the original euphoric effects. Physiological or physical dependency eventually occurs as result of the escalation of use. As a result of the physical dependency on the drug/behavior, the addict will experience withdrawal symptoms if they significantly decrease or terminate their usage. Withdrawal symptoms include but are not limited to anxiety, irritability, and intense cravings for the substance, nausea, hallucinations, headaches, cold sweats, and tremors. Even after the withdrawal symptoms subside, the addict often experiences irrational cravings to return to their destructive and often life threatening behavior. Therefore, an addiction is typically considered a disease or medical condition that is permanent.

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Clinical Care Consultants – Palatine & Inverness Ribbon Cutting Event

Palatine Area Chamber of Commerce member Clinical Care Consultants (CCC), 1642 W. Colonial Parkway in Inverness, recently hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony on April 2, 2019. This event was followed by an open house where attendees were introduced to the variety of counseling and therapy services offered at the Inverness-based practice.

Clinical Care Consultants Hosts Ribbon Cutting and Open House
The Inverness-based practice has been providing counseling and therapy in the northwest suburbs for the last nine years.

CCC has successfully treated mental health needs in the northwest suburban community for the last nine years, with a team of therapists who are highly trained in several different areas. These include individual and group psychotherapy, in addition to other counseling services which include (but are not limited to) marital/couples, child and family, LGBTQ, as well as substance abuse and addiction. CCC employs experienced clinicians who have an average of nearly 19 years working in the mental health field. All therapists have advanced certifications, each possesses at least two areas of specialty, and all are considered experts in their different fields.

“Instead of utilizing a ‘one size fits all’ approach to counseling, we utilize a careful and thoughtful matching process between our clients and their therapists,” said Clinical Director Greta Nielsen. “This process not only instills confidence in our clients, but also ensures more successful outcomes.”

The number one priority of CCC is to make all their clients – and their loved ones – feel welcome. An added benefit is that the administrative staff can navigate through insurance benefits and billing, which can oftentimes be confusing and time-consuming. Clients consistently report that the CCC staff is both friendly and helpful, and ease the anxiety that often comes when someone begins counseling.

For more information on Clinical Care Consultants and the services they offer, please call 847-749-0514 or visit

1642 W. Colonial Parkway
Inverness, IL 60067
P: (847) 749-0514
F: (847) 227-8040