LGBTQ Bullying / Michael Anthony’s Documentary

Michael Anthony’s generously invited me to participate in his film/documentary about LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning) teen bullying. I was interviewed because of my experience providing counseling to these kids. The film is bravely addressing how dangerous bullying has become for the LGBTQ community. Michael Anthony production/movie/documentary will pave new ground and create more consciousness about this under-reported and stigmatized topic.

To prepare for my part in the film, I interviewed 3 high school GSA (Gay Straight Alliances) coordinators, went to a Stevenson High Schools GSA meeting, interviewed two LGBTQ teenagers, interviewed an expert LQBTQ therapist. The help I received from Buffalo Grove, Stevenson, and Hersey high schools was invaluable to my research efforts. I am most grateful to the teenagers who opened up their lives to me to share their stories. I have never been so inspired!

Now the wait for the finished product!

Here is a video from Michael explaining the story behind the idea of the movie

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