“My Name is Roger (Ebert), and I’m an Alcoholic”

Roger EbertSeldom have I been so impressed with an article about someone’s experience with alcoholism (addiction) as I was when I read Roger Ebert’s article on his own struggles. Mr Ebert writes beautifully, masterfully, and with incredible insight about the disease of alcoholism. As an addiction specialist I have a vested interest in “getting the word out” about the insidious and destructive nature of addictions (chemical and process addictions). Mr. Ebert has always been a favorite movie reviewer of mine because I always sensed he understood the human condition, spoke fairly and sensitively about issues, and reserved judgment about movies from a place of sensitivity, openness, and kindness. When a man with Mr. Ebert’s personal and professional qualifications speaks out, then I listen. Unfortunately, not enough people actually have access to this article. So here it is. I hope you appreciate it and are inspired by it as I much as me.

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My Name is Roger, and I am an Alcoholic
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