On The Dr. Laura Ceil Show. May 2nd at 2pm CDT

Laua Ceil will interview Ross Rosenberg on the Laura Ceil Show, on May 2 at 2pm CDT

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About The Show:

The Dr Laura Ciel Show Is A Global Talk Show With The Intent To Inspire People Who Find Themselves In A Place Of Frustration, Sadness, Despair, Grief, Anger, Crisis Or Chaos To Create The Life They Want To Live. Through Your Questions, Information And Guest Interviews Listeners Will Be Inspired To Drop Their Excuses And Start Living The Life They Want Right Now Whether It Is In The Areas Of Personal Achievement, Relationships, Career+Money And/Or Health+Body.

images-1oneworldleadership-com-oniricfs-us-uploads-album_art-images-1oneworldleadership-com-oniricfs-us-uploads-album_art-_MG_9347-240x254-240x254About Dr Laura Ciel

Dr Laura L. Ciel MA, PsyD is a licensed psychologist and an internationally accredited coach who has a deep passion for igniting transformation in the world. She has traveled extensively, speaks English and French fluently and is at home in the global community. She founded1One World Leadership with the goal of inspiring leaders and their organizations to step up to what is needed in the world at this particular time in history and of creating a way for these leaders to consciously have the impact they were meant to have in the world. She is a change agent for anyone or any business desiring to change the status quo.

Her unique talent lies in her ability to connect with her clients at a deep level, quickly assess the current situation/environment, understand the underlying goals (stated and unstated), and inspire the individual or group to move in the direction that is being called for at this particular time.

Dr. Ciel has a BA in Economics/Business from UCLA, an MA and PsyD in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University, has completed coursework in Finance/Business at the Université de Grenoble and she graduated from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI France), a premier accredited professional coach training organization (where she completed the training in French). She has also completed extensive professional development programs in the areas of organizational behavior, coaching and leadership, including the highly acclaimed CTI Leadership program.




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