Online Communication Addiction

Here is an outline for a part of a training that I will be doing in the future:


Email Addiction
• The “bell” of Pavlov got replaced by “you’ve got mail” of AOL
• 2005 research: there are 190 million e-mail users worldwide
6 percent of them could have some form of e-mail addiction
Approximately 11 million e-mail junkies
• According to AOL Mail’s fourth annual Email Addiction Survey (2008)
– 46% of email users said they’re hooked on email
– 51% check their email four or more times a day
– One in five said they check their email more than 10 times a day.
– 20% of users said they have over 300 emails in their inboxes!
– 27% are so overwhelmed they’ve declared “email bankruptcy”
* Deleting all their email messages to start anew.
– 24% signing up for a new email address.
– 69% of email users have multiple email accounts
– 62% of at-work email users check email over a typical weekend
– Nearly 1 in 5 (19%) check email 5 or more times in a weekend.
– More than 50% check their email while on vacation.

o It’s even higher among mobile users
– 23% check their email as soon as they wake up
– 11% check their email when they get home from work (11%)
– Right after dinner (9%).
– 16% said they check their email from a mobile device
– 41% of mobile email users keep phones near them when they sleep
* So they can hear when a new email comes in.
– 49% of mobile email users check email when a new message arrives.
– 60% have never gone more than 5 days without checking email
– 17% can’t go more than one day without email.
– 11% hide their email behavior from their spouse or family member.

• Signs of Email Addiction
– Checking e-mail more than once an hour.
– Looking at every message that comes in,
as it comes in, either at or away from the office.
– Needing to respond to messages instantly or within minutes of arrival
– Interrupting real, in-person activities to check e-mail.
– When E-mail has, in some way, interfered with regular life activities
– Sleep loss, relationship troubles, stress

o Other Types of Online Communications
– Chat Rooms
– Instant Messaging
– Video Cam
* Skype
– $153 million in revenue 2009
– 445 million subscribers
– 23.6 billion skype-to-skype minutes in Q1, 2009
• Stickam
– Live-streaming video
– Featuring both professional and user-generated content
• Chat Roulette
– An updated version of an old-school chat room
– Randomly matches people up for video, audio, & text chat
– By clicking “next” and another randomly selected user appears
– Most “chats” last only a few seconds.
– About 35,000 people online at any given time
– 1.5 million users

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