Organic Therapy?

Now a days, everything that is good is supposed to be organic…right? Maybe? Well then…I want to jump on the bandwagon. I offer organic therapy. I work with people from the inside out, providing clients an opportunity to grow into healthy and complete individuals.

How about a definition of “organic”
–Developing in a manner analogous to the natural growth and evolution characteristic of living
organisms; arising as a natural outgrowth.

People who seek my services, often experience unpleasant or negative feelings, behaviors, and/or are involved in unhealthy relationship patterns. Therapy that only relies on self-analysis, talking, and/or venting, may reduce the severity of some symptoms; however, it doesn’t always permanently solve or remediate deeper problems, feelings, or behavior patterns.

An “organic” therapy is a holistic and healing approach to helping my clients.. It enables a them to reach a more complete understanding of the origins of the problem(s). Once a person’s presenting problem is understood as a symptom created from deeper origins (core), then, lasting and life-altering solutions are possible. Therefore, symptom relief is achieved at the level where the clients were originally hurt, traumatized, and/or psychologically stunted–usually when they were a child. My “organic” approach brings my clients to place of peace, resolution, and/or or serenity.

Solving problems organically is analogous to giving an under-watered and withered plant the right amount of sunshine, water, air, and quality dirt necessary for it become vibrant, healthy and complete. Spraying chemicals on the outside, may make the plant look bigger and better, but as we all know, it is only artificial–and may cause cancer 😉

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