Parent In Training

Who would have guessed that my son would educate me so well in the art of understanding the disaffected, misunderstood, and disgruntled adolescents. No graduate class could have prepared me for this! Once I get past the mumbling, the looks like my IQ borders around 50, and the rolling of his eyes, I am still seemingly an alien in his world. The complicated thought process of a 15 year old is before my eyes…every day. I actually have looked forward to this time. As many who know me professionally, I truly enjoy working with teens. I like the way they talk, I like their drama, and I like their egocentric sense of urgency, and the constant sense that people are looking at them. The good thing about my son, he really is not much work–yet. He actually is a good kid. Lets hope he keeps that way! If not, I may have to use a few techniques on him 🙂

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