Radio Interview with Dr. Cindy Anderson – Your Health Is Your Wealth

FTNS-Your-Health-is-Your-Wealth-398x288I was interviewed by Dr. Cindy Anderson for her show, Your Health Is Your Wealth.  The link to the show is HERE

The Show: 

How we approach life each day, what we think about, what we choose to do, what we eat, what we take (medications and supplements), our environment, all add up into who we are.

Motivation and inspiration come from within ourselves and from others. Learning from other’s passions, tribulations and triumphs can help both inspire and motivate us to be the change we want to be. Dr. Cindy’s goal for this show is to help increase listeners knowledge and their choices of all kinds of medicine whether it is for the mind, body or spirit. To start on a healing journey just takes one step.

The Host:

Dr. Cindy Anderson is a Naturopathic Doctor.   Dr. Cynthia Anderson RN ND brings to her practice over 20 years experience as a Nurse and Midwife, which brought her to work in Thailand, Cambodia, and St. Lucia.

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