Rick Belden’s Poem, Fused at the Wound

Rick Belden’s poem, Fused at the Wound, is in my book the Human Magnet Syndrome. Rick is a talented poet who speaks from the heart about the emotional struggles that are unique to men.  

Rick came in my life by happenstance, just at the time I had started to fantasize about writing my own book (about ten years ago). Rick’s work has been incredibly inspirational to me.  

This poem speaks to the codependent emotional manipulator (narcissistic) relationship.  He aptly writes about how these two opposite lovers are bonded in their relationship because of their shared emotional wounds. As “wounded” lovers, they replicate the trauma they experienced as children.

I hope you enjoy and appreciate it as much as I do!  More information about Rick and his work can be found at http://rickbelden.com/


Rick Belden Iron Man Outing


  fused at the wound

is it love or is it addiction
    why not both
she knows tears + I know anger
together we almost made a whole person for a while
fused at the wound.

but our little house of lies isn't big enough to hold us now
she won't stand up for herself + I can't stand up
      for both of us at the same time anymore
so we ride the broken lover's seesaw of staying + leaving
       one foot in + one foot out
we dance in the kitchen like unloved children + wait
       for fulfillment of old pain's expectations.

so anxious to leave           so anxious to be left
so anxious to be right       so anxious to be hurt
so anxious to be disappointed 
so anxious to be alone again.

when this whole thing started
       I wanted us to be immersed in each other
       I wanted us to fix each other
       I thought that was what people were supposed to do
I don't want that anymore
I don't need that anymore
       but I still don't know

how to love someone I don’t want to fix.


Reprinted by permission of the author, Rick Belden, from Iron Man Family Outing: Poems about Transition into a More Conscious Manhood, copyright 1990 by Rick Belden, http://rickbelden.com

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