Ross Rosenberg’s Interview on the Inspired Journeys Radio Show

Ross Rosenberg will be interviewed on Lisa Frerenzt’s Radio Show: Inspired Journeys: Overcoming Adversity and Thriving.

Ross will talk about his codependency expertise and his book, The Human Magnet Syndrome: Why We Love People Who Hurt Us.


 Talk Radio with Lisa Ferentz

Join Lisa Ferentz every Tuesday at 1 PM (EST),  at for an engaging radio program that will inspire and inform.  Each live broadcast will focus on how to overcome and transcend trauma through empathy, self love, forgiveness, self awareness and acts of kindness.  Listeners will:

  • Gain insight from interviews with authors, clinicians, and everyday people who have experienced or witnessed adversity and all of its life changing consequences.
  • Explore the impact that sexual abuse, domestic violence, bullying, physical disabilities, panic, depression, self destructive behaviors and addictions have on individuals, families and our society.
  • Hear from guests who’ve demonstrated the resiliency of the human spirit and have helped others achieve true healing.
  • Examine the power of attachment, learn how to be in the moment, and how to reclaim a sense of spirituality, hope and optimism.

Each broadcast will share valuable insight to help you find meaning even in the most difficult traumatic experiences, and come to understand that survivors can thrive, pay it forward, and help others to heal as well.

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