Stuart Smalley (AKA Al Franken)These are a few saying I wrote over the years:

Don’t work so hard to get people to like you. Instead, work hard to become your true and authentic self. People will like you for who you really are, not the person you are trying so hard to be. Stuart Smalley (aka Al Franken) had it right: “You really are good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people will like you!”

In marital or relationship therapy, often the two main goals are to first “fall back into trust” and then “fall back into love.” To be in love again requires the foundation of trust to be rebuilt.

Life is like an unfinished puzzle: we are unable to see the complete picture until the seemingly random mismatched pieces come together, creating something whole out what was once chaos and disarray.

Depression can be a natural result of being honest with a feeling.

After healing occurs (hard work in therapy for instance), it is difficult to go back to where you started. It would be like turning a diamond back into a piece of coal. I can’t happen.

Therapy is like a train ride: to get to where you need to be, you have to stay on track. With each “stop,” you are brought increasingly closer to your desired destination. If a train could jump forward from point A to point G, then it would be a plane. Don’t be in a hurry, take a train.

You cannot get back what you lost. But you can create what didn’t have.

When you are happy while life is tough, then you are living a worthwhile life.

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