Sexual Addictions Group Therapy Resource

Even though there are many different sex addiction behavior types, all sex addicts share similarities. Typically, sex addicts are disconnected to their feelings, confuse or substitute sexual acting out with emotional intimacy and have poorly developed personal relationships. Typically men in our society are not connected to a social group in which they can explore their feelings. The problem is compounded for male sex addicts. Therefore, group therapy for male sex addicts is the most sensible and effective treatment approach.

Typically, recovery from sex addiction begins with a thorough assessment. From the assessment, treatment options are recommended. The most restrictive treatment approach is residential treatment. Less restrictive approaches include intensive outpatient treatment. For sex addicts who are not in need of intensive and structured treatment, individual, family, relationship and/or group therapy are often recommended.

Group therapy is known as an effective treatment modality for sex addiction. Also, group therapy may be provided in conjunction with other therapies. For many sex addicts, group therapy can serve as the primary outpatient therapy modality. Group therapy is not the same as a 12-Step group.

The 12-Step group, although an important and at times vital component of sexual addiction recovery, approaches sex addiction differently than individual and group therapy. For more information about 12-Step groups click this link:

Research has shown that group therapy for sex addicts (and other type of addictions) is among the most powerful and effective therapy / counseling approach for this debilitating addiction.

CCC is offering group therapy for men who are struggling with Sexual Addiction or Sexual Compulsivity. This includes cybersex/internet porn addiction and romance addiction. Ross Rosenberg, M.Ed., LCPC, CADC, and other CCC qualified staff will be facilitating this important treatment option for male sex addicts. This therapy provides a safe and effective place for men to address the multi-layered aspects of their addiction: relationships, family, work, friends, self-esteem, finances, etc.

Ross is considered an expert in the field of sex addictions. He provides comprehensive treatment and assessment services for sex and internet addicts and their partners as well as professional consultation and training services.

Because of the demand for this group, there will be two separate sessions scheduled. The first group will be on Wednesday nights at 5:30. The second group will be scheduled in mid-April. The group sessions will last 90 minutes and cost $60. Many clients have a group therapy benefit with their mental health insurance coverage. Each group will meet once a week.

All referred clients must agree to an initial interview/diagnostic session during which Ross will evaluate the appropriateness of group therapy, as well as the level of sexual addiction. Group therapy is not recommended for sex addicts who are in the beginning stages of recovery and is not appropriate for sex offenders who are mistakenly diagnosed as sex addicts.

If you have any questions about the group, please call Clinical Care Consultants for more information.

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