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Cheri Spiczka, MA, LCPC. Clinical Care Consultants Arlington Heights Psychotherapist

Cheri Spiczka, MA, LCPC   Cheri Spiczka, MA, LCPC, specializes in teens, especially the younger ones. Her younger clients experience her as an ally in their quest to find an identity while individuating from their parents. Her teen specialties include gender and sexuality challenges, self-harm, depression, and suicidal ideations. She possesses a firm grasp of […]

Stand Up To Bullying by Greta Nielsen – Clinical Care Consultants, Arlington Heights and Inverness

Stand Up To Bullying by Greta Nielsen, MA, LCPC, NCC, MBSR-T There is growing awareness of how painful and permanent the effects of bullying can be, but it remains a significant problem that needs to be eradicated. Bullying is an act of aggression, intimidation or threat that occurs within a relationship where there is an imbalance […]

Bullying = Poison by Cheri Spiczka – Clinical Care Consultants, Arlington Heights and Inverness

BULLYING = POISON by Cheri Spiczka, MA, LCPC Bullying is an epidemic that has been widespread in our society for a long time. It is a factor in the lives of about 95% of the young people I work with in therapy who come to me for treatment of depression, anxiety, ADHD, self-esteem issues, and […]

Anger Turned Inside Out: New Perspective On Anger

Anger is hurt and fear of abandonment turned inside out. Anger is a secondary feeling that is often identified as the primary emotion. It, therefore, never communicates anything constructive. Behind every terrifying roar of anger is a hurt or frightened person who is ineffectively trying to get others to love, affirm and accept them. Anger […]