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Elderly Parents In Addiction Recovery Need  Us.

Elderly Parents In Addiction Recovery Need  Us. By Teresa Greenhill at With the arrival of the holidays we think nostalgic, sentimental thoughts about family and friends.  Sometimes those relationships aren’t as healthy as we would like them to be.  If you have a parent who struggles with addiction your relationship can be especially complicated.  […]

DIALECTICAL BEHAVIOR THERAPY / DBT IN A COUNSELING SETTING: What to Expect & How it Works. Sarah Peterman. Inverness Palatine IL Counselor Specialist

  Dialectical Behavior Therapy/ DBT in a Counseling Setting What to Expect & How it Works Sarah Peterman, LCSW Clinical Care Consultants Psychotherapist / Counselor – Inverness IL  What does DBT mean? As a counselor / psychotherapist who is passionate about helping clients who self-injure and/or who have a Borderline Personality, Mood, Anxiety or Eating Disorder, I […]