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Ross Rosenberg will be interviewed on Jeanne White’s The Connect Show on June 2nd at 11:30am CDT.


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About The Connect Show

Putting people together…making Connections…improving life and lives

I consider myself to be so fortunate. The path my life has taken has brought me into contact with people and opportunities that have allowed me to fulfill my dream of being a radio talk show host.

With The Connect Show, my goals are to “give back” by connecting my audience as well as my guests with other individuals, groups, organizations, causes, opportunities and experiences, to inspire, inform and enlighten, and bring about positive transformation and change.

Your resource… enhancing your life

The premise of The Connect Show is to share inspiring, educational, enlightening and useful resources and information. I strive to use my voice and my platform as a vehicle to enhance professional and personal lifestyles. I seek both traditional and non-traditional topics and guests, and always aim to serve as a vehicle that provides valuable connections. As I’ve often said, “It’s all about connections!”

The topics and guests…not your average talk radio

The Connect Show covers a wide and diversified range of topics…

  • demystifying the secrets to online business networking,
  • holistic and spiritual healing – yes, it works!
  • recreational activities on a budget,
  • the science of ghost hunting,
  • a step-by-step guide to becoming a published author,
  • the amazingly simple roadmap to the life of your dreams (hint: yes, you MUST take care of YOU first),

About Jeanne White

I am a Boston native so Go Bruins, Celtics, Patriots and Red Sox! I remember both the Blizzard of ’78 and The Perfect Storm.

I have always harbored a dream to become a radio talk show host. The opportunity presented itself through a colleague, Candita Mamet, a regular host of Healthy Living Guide. Candita raised the idea of starting a new show and, knowing the importance of chasing dreams and pursuing hobbies, The Connect Show was born! My goal with the show is to put people together….to make connections and provide networks and tools that will enhance people’s lives. My commitment is to network people with the objective of making their day to day lives a little easier and happier! As I say, “It’s all about connections!” Get Connected!

My topics and guests tend to range from traditional to unconventional which leads to an eclectic mix. This blend is truly reflective of my personality – free, diverse and filled with a compilation of ideas!

I have been called a renaissance person – someone skilled in multiple disciplines and possessing a broad range of knowledge – but this distinction really belongs to my varied and dynamic guests who impart a wealth of information.

I am a strong advocate of The Starlight Childrens’ Foundation of New England which is dedicated to bringing happiness, hope and an improved quality of life to seriously ill children and their families in Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Vermont. As with my show, my commitment is to bring happiness and an improved quality of life to my listeners.

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