The Never Say Impossible show, hosted by Myra Goldick

Myra-Goldick-profileRoss Rosenberg will be interviewed on Myra’s Goldick’s Never Say Impossible radio show – 5/06/2013 at 11:00 AM CDT

The show will be posted to the following website:

The Never Say ImpossibleTM show,  hosted by Myra Goldick

The NSI show is a hour-long look at great, motivational stories from great, motivating people. An attitude of gratitude is the powerful tool we use to overcome life’s adversities – and you get to hear some of the best on Never Say Impossible™.

Be heard, be discovered, be connected, and build your business! Each show introduces different guests who will inspire, motivate, and teach you innovative ways to breathe new life into your business, creating networking opportunities for the upwardly mobile entrepreneur and small-business owner.

Myra believes that through perseverance, passion, creativity, and faith, the realm of opportunity is infinite. She is a speaker who speaks from her heart to your heart with a focus on sharing information through networking and connecting creative entrepreneurs and small business owners to one another all over the world


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