The Science of Romance/Love Is A Drug

According to the article: The science of romance: Brains have a love circuit” there is a neuro-chemical aspect to love. Apparently, the feeling of love when analyzed in various medical tests, is chemically related to the same feeling of euphoria elicited by narcotics. It seems that the same dopamine receptors in similar parts of the brain are triggered when you “fall in love” as when you get high off of a drug. Didn’t we all know this already? Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music’s fame was onto something in his song, “Love is a Drug.”

“Jump up bubble up – whats in store
Love is the drug and I need to score
Showing out, showing out, hit and run
Boy meets girl where the beat goes on
Stitched up tight, cant shake free
Love is the drug, got a hook on me
Oh oh catch that buzz
Love is the drug Im thinking of
Oh oh cant you see
Love is the drug for me
Oohhhh Oooooohh

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