Wendi Cooper C Spot Radio Show. April 18 2pm CDT

podcastimage_348711Wendi will be interviewing Ross Rosenberg live from Los Angeles, on her radio show, The C Spot.

is the only radio show about helping you understand how to take your product to market.  Known in the marketing world as the “Mother of Inventors” and the most honest – say it how it is person, Wendi reveals the secrets to her 18 years of success in the direct to consumer industry.

The C Spot is a unique talk radio show that has a diverse array of guest each week. Guests experts range from product concept and design, packaging, entrepreneurs, digital and social media, licensors, marketers, producers, writers, authors, singers/songwriters, public speakers, media experts, inventors, and the list goes on and on.

Every Thursday there is a new topic and twist to Wendi’s show. The common thread is each guest shares their wisdom and insight, as well as their errors and passion on what you need to know to bring a product to market, even if the product is you.

The C Spot turns Wendi’s candid sense of humor, in-depth marketing knowledge, and hard line opinions into an engaging talk show that always leaves the listener smiling.

Each week a new guest expert will share their insight on topics such as licensing deals, branding, internet, HSN/QVC, Shark Tank, inventor scams, manufacturing, advertising, packaging/design, copy, logo’s, trademarks and patents, and more!

Wendi Cooper is founder and CEO of C Spot Run Productions, an award-winning direct-response client service and production company, and host of LA Talk Radio’s The C Spot. She is the recipient of 15 Telly Awards for her creative work in commercials for direct to consumer products, a regular guest speaker at the International House-Wares Show in Chicago and has authored numerous articles sharing her product expertise and marketing wisdom.

Wendi@cspotrun.com www.cspotrun.com @cspotalk Listen Live Thursdays at 12:00PM (PST), exclusively on LA Talk Radio (latalkradio.com)
Listen Live Thursdays at 12:00PM (PST)

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