Why the Sprout

A Place to GrowIn creating a logo for our company, we searched for a symbol that would capture the heart of Clinical Care Consultants. After considering several options, we unanimously saw our “heart” in the photo of the hand tenderly cupping the green sprout.
This image embodies both the essence of who we are as therapists and why we are invested in our work.

This photo was more than just an image to us; it represents our collective professional identity. The symbolic nature of the sprout speaks to the spirit of the counseling experience.
The hand signifies the counselor who “holds the space” where problems are solved, healing occurs and hope is revived. Counselors support and protect their clients while helping them to grow and mature into the “plants” they were meant to be.

The soil symbolizes the counseling process without which sprouts would not grow, thrive and flourish. Because of the counseling process, or fertile soil, the sprout has an opportunity to spread its roots, create stability, endure hard times and thrive. From the soil, the spout can grow into the healthy version of itself.

The final symbol is the sprout, which represents the person seeking counseling. Each and every one is a “sprout” at one time or another. As “sprouts,” clients come to therapy as tender, vulnerable and unimagined versions of their hurt, stuck or unhealthy self.  At Clinical Care Consultants, we are passionate and invested in the “growth” of all our clients. To us, it is a privilege to be included in our clients’ growth.

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