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Clinical Care Consultants

Specialty Driven Counseling

Our highly trained, experienced and competent counselors / psychotherapists provide the gamut of mental health services, which include individual therapy, marital / marriage therapy, couples therapy and relationship or family counseling services for all age groups. CCC only employs seasoned, confident and experienced clinicians – averaging 19 years in the field. Each therapist is licensed and possesses at least two areas of specialty. Many have advanced certifications and are considered experts in their fields of practice.

Journey of Discovery

Even though all of us yearn to be understood, loved and appreciated, somehow, some way, we get stuck or lost along the path of our life.

Compassionate Staff

Each member of our staff truly cares about what they do and how they do it. They bring depth, character, confidence and experience to every client.

We Can Help

We at Clinical Care Consultants (CCC) are honored that you are considering to seek our help with your challenges, obstacles and/or problems.

We Care

We believe every client is capable and deserving of being satisfied, fulfilled and happy. Through a journey of self-discovery, growth and skill development, we help our clients reach their potential, break free from the bonds of their limitations, regain losses and survive difficult times at our Arlington Heights counseling center.

The Right Answers

CCC employs professional office staff whose job it is to make all clients and their loved ones feel welcome – from the very first call to the final session. Their number one priority is to manage the confusing and time consuming insurance benefits and billing questions while matching new clients with the best and most fitting therapist. Their friendliness and helpfulness softens up the anxiety fear provoking experience of beginning with a new counselor.

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