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Now, More Than Ever

With the current tumultuous political, racial, academic, environmental and pandemic climate we are in, it is safe to say people are struggling more than ever with mental health, relationships and staying positive.

Staying Well in the Face of Change

Let’s face it, change can be hard and the amount of change each of us is having to deal with during this pandemic is significant. It limits our daily movement, access to basic necessities, and creates financial uncertainty for so many. At the same time, how do we stay well? How can we be emotionally […]

3 Things to Help You Master Your Marriage

by Tim Olsen, MA, LPC There is an adage that proclaims boldly, “happy wife, happy life”. Our culture has been drawn to this phrase, coined to supposedly help couples reduce conflict and increase peace through pleasing one spouse. Is a successful relationship one-sided? Is happiness even the goal of a great marriage? Although I do […]

Giving Mindfully

by Dave Evans, LCPC, Psychotherapist Clinical Care Consultants Research Indicates That Giving Increases The Size of Your Heart By Up To 300% In One Day Is that really true? Well…according to Dr. Seuss, it is, based on anecdotal accounts and eyewitness testimony about…uh, the Grinch. Holiday Season 2019 is upon us. We are at the […]

The Complexities of ADHD

by Cheri Spiczka, MA, LCPC ADHD is about more than attention. Attention Deficit Disorder is a neurological disorder that is diagnosed as one of three different types: inattentive type, hyperactive type, or combined type. In addition to issues with distraction, ADHD has been shown to contribute to low self-esteem, social issues, and difficulties with school […]

Suicide Prevention: The Power of Connection

by Ana Stefaniuk MA, LCPC, Psychotherapist, Clinical Care Consultants We can all help prevent suicide. Every year, mental health organizations and individuals across the United States and around the world raise awareness of suicide prevention during September, National Suicide Prevention Month. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, yet it is one of the fastest […]

In a Blink of an Eye; Understanding Trauma and PTSD

by Angela Fitch, LCPC, Psychotherapist, Clinical Care Consultants In a blink of an eye, someone’s life can change for the positive.  Hearing a baby’s first sound following birth, seeing a sunset after a hard day, or feeling a loved one’s first kiss are examples of just that.  It is a wonderful privilege to recall positive, […]

Relationship Discernment Counseling: Should I Stay, Or Should I Go?

Ewa Florczak, MA, LCPC Clinical Care Consultants Psychotherapist Everyone can agree that it takes a tremendous amount of work to maintain a healthy relationship, even with the most loving, kind, and nurturing partner. Despite our best efforts, and a hopeful outlook, some relationships are predestined to fail. Unfortunately, many people ignore the warning signs and […]

Physical vs Psychological Hunger; What Purpose Does Food Serve For You? By Tracy Tucker

Physical vs Psychological Hunger; What Purpose Does Food Serve For You? by Tracy Tucker, AM, LCSW, EMDR Have you ever had a really busy day at work and forgotten to eat? What about been really hungry, to then have unintentionally overeaten to the point of feeling sick? Maybe you treat yourself to your favorite sweet […]

Elderly Parents In Addiction Recovery Need  Us.

Elderly Parents In Addiction Recovery Need  Us. By Teresa Greenhill at With the arrival of the holidays we think nostalgic, sentimental thoughts about family and friends.  Sometimes those relationships aren’t as healthy as we would like them to be.  If you have a parent who struggles with addiction your relationship can be especially complicated.  […]