Healthy Anger

Why is happiness any better than anger, especially when it represents how someone feels in a given moment? We are all created to experience the whole spectrum of emotions/feelings. One feeling is not necessarily better than another. Each emotion represents our internal reaction to a given situation. It was we do with our feelings that matters.

When someone you love expresses their anger well, they are giving you a gift. They are allowing you to see who they are in that given moment with the possibility of connection, understanding, and if possible resolution. Conflict and the healthy resolution of it, creates the foundation of a loving and lasting relationship

Embrace your anger as a positive aspect of yourself. Let it be a feeling that brings you closer to authentic relationships. Shape your anger into the an energetic force that resolves conflict nurtures healthy relationships, and creates higher levels of emotional and spiritual health.

Be angry as long as it is good for you; let it serve a purpose…let it empower you.

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