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We believe in providing the highest level of care – supporting our clients both in, and outside of our office. We demonstrate this through our participation in the One Thought Away™ Project.  It is based on decades of studies of how the thoughts we think affect our lives and by choosing different thoughts we create opportunities to feel better.

Clients are given a discreet rubber wristband to wear or place in a prominent spot that serves as a daily reminder. As they go about their day and encounter situations that cause irritation, stress, disappointment, or sadness, the band reminds them to choose a better feeling thought – letting the old thought go and replacing it with a new affirmation statement.

These are lessons in self-awareness and teach our clients to be active participants in their experiences.  The bands are tools that can also be used to change behaviors, create new habits, reminders to slow down, or a cue to remember something.

  1. Begin by placing the One Thought Away™ band on either wrist. (It is nondescript and doesn’t shout its message to the world.)
  2. Look at the band often throughout the day.
  3. Throughout the day, when you find yourself in situations that cause irritation, stress, disappointment, or sadness, you are reminded to choose a better feeling or thought. Say to yourself, “What could I think right now that would help me feel better?” Let the old thought go, place the new thought into your mind and move the band to the other wrist. Note how you feel when you do this. Some say it is the simple movement of the band that brings about the greatest calm.
  4. Repeat this process as often as needed throughout the day, perhaps saying to yourself, “I am just one thought away from feeling better.”
  5. Most people begin with the intention of continuing this process for 21 days, though many say they can’t imagine not using the band on an ongoing basis. And many have found the band can be used for a variety of purposes:
    • As a reminder to choose healthy, nutritious foods.
    • As a reminder to slow down when you are worried about being late or hurrying to get somewhere by a specific time.
    • To instill a new habit.
    • As a cue to remember something, e.g., to meditate each morning.
    • As a manifestation tool.

If you are interested in learning more about this program or making an appointment with one of our experienced Psychotherapists, please contact Clinical Care Consultants at 847/749-0514 x100.

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