Staying Well in the Face of Change

Let’s face it, change can be hard and the amount of change each of us is having to deal with during this pandemic is significant. It limits our daily movement, access to basic necessities, and creates financial uncertainty for so many. At the same time, how do we stay well? How can we be emotionally well even when our current circumstances might be hard? This is our emotional wellness challenge.

The staff at Clinical Care Consultants (CCC) have also put forth great efforts in managing the changes in their core work functions.  Except for critical and urgent client needs, we are not currently seeing clients in person due to the executive orders and mandates in place.  We have successfully moved to providing telehealth therapy, via Zoom video or phone, to our current clients and are open to any new referrals at this time via the telehealth platform as well.

Another significant transformation at CCC is the change in ownership.  After founding and tirelessly building the practice, Ross Rosenberg has moved on from Clinical Care Consultants to focus solely on his Self-Love Recovery Institute. As of January, I have the privilege of being the new owner of CCC. This would be an immense change for any practice to navigate, even before the COVID pandemic hit! Fortunately, Ross left a cohesive team of clinicians with great clinical competence that continue to serve the Chicagoland area.

Much like how our communities are coming together, the staff at CCC seems to be getting through these changes brilliantly. Their sense of team and clear direction of purpose really allow them to persist and thrive during these changes. In many ways our team is as affected as everyone else, yet they have really stepped up in their consistency and availability for the clients we see. I hope to provide the support they need to continue their great work as we all get through these months together.

The question remains of course; how can we be well during extremely stressful and challenging times? Each of us has our own strengths and different ways we can cope, but one strategy I really recommend is to focus on appreciating the many positive parts of our lives and things we are grateful for. It’s easy to focus on the negative aspects of the outbreak but I have also seen so many positives such as families spending more time together, people getting outside for activity more often than they ever normally would, and outreach to people we have not spoken to in a while. This is not to ignore or even minimize any of the difficult aspects of life right now. It is simply to spend more time focusing on and really emphasizing the positive things in our lives, and how much we enjoy and appreciate them. I truly believe gratitude can get us through some very difficult times and make the days a little bit brighter.

Clinical Care Consultants continues to provide the highest quality psychotherapy, even in the face of this pandemic. We remain dedicated to our current clients and are still accepting new clients, as we know the need is out there. I look forward to serving the CCC staff and community as we navigate these next few months, and beyond.

Brian Garibaldi, LCPC is the owner and Executive Director of Clinical Care Consultants and can be reached at

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