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Cheri Spiczka, MA, LCPC. Clinical Care Consultants Arlington Heights Psychotherapist

Cheri Spiczka, MA, LCPC   Cheri Spiczka, MA, LCPC, specializes in teens, especially the younger ones. Her younger clients experience her as an ally in their quest to find an identity while individuating from their parents. Her teen specialties include gender and sexuality challenges, self-harm, depression, and suicidal ideations. She possesses a firm grasp of […]

How Art Can Heal by Cheri Spiczka – Clinical Care Consultants, Arlington Heights and Inverness

How Art Can Heal by Cheri Spiczka, MA, LCPC I have worked with adolescents and teens for over 14 years, and though I am there to guide them, I find they often have more to teach me. I have learned that as a direct result of being their own worst critics, they try to escape […]