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Permission to be Negative

I’ve noticed something during this quarantine. There were no books and academic articles written before this pandemic experience to help us navigate how to be stuck with each other for so long. I’ve also noticed that I started snapping at my wife more and visa-versa. That’s weird for us. But, these are strange times. So how do we navigate this? I have an idea.

3 Things to Help You Master Your Marriage

by Tim Olsen, MA, LPC There is an adage that proclaims boldly, “happy wife, happy life”. Our culture has been drawn to this phrase, coined to supposedly help couples reduce conflict and increase peace through pleasing one spouse. Is a successful relationship one-sided? Is happiness even the goal of a great marriage? Although I do […]

If You Are Asking the Question, “Should We Go to Couple’s Counseling?” The Answer Is Yes. By Tim Olsen, MA, LPC

If You Are Asking the Question, “Should We Go to Couple’s Counseling?” The Answer Is Yes By Tim Olsen, MA, LPC Despite the many differences that seem to separate us, all people are wired to be in community with others.  It doesn’t take much more investigation to see that people of all ages, genders, cultures, […]

Dick Levon – Marriage/Couples and Teenager Therapist. Arlington Heights Marriage Counseling Therapy

I am very proud to have Dick Levon on our Clinical Team.  Check out the video!  Dick Levon, ATR, LCSW Psychotherapist Licensed Clinical Social Worker Registered Art Therapist (847) 749-0514 ext.11 Check out Dick’s Websites View Dick’s Profile on Dick Levon is CCC’s most practiced and effective marital therapist, with over 40 […]